Start-up in IoT, AI and cyber security


Working closely with the founder and CEO…

… we have led the creation of a health vertical for a privately held cybersecurity and private Artificial Intelligence company.

The company gathers unique health data from its own and partners' sensors and devices and will be using AI to integrate into programmatic self-management of eleven big and costly diseases and conditions starting with T2 diabetes. Its open ecosystem connects to 3rd party health sensors, devices and IoT equipment. All data is owned by the user, stored privately & securely using blockchain technology and only shared on explicit permission of a user. It uses gamification to drive motivation, clinical outcomes and long-term lifestyle changes.

As part of the project, we have developed the underlying science platform anchored in functional medicine and worked together with the product and tech team to ensure swift implementation. We have also created a GoToMarket plan for B2B2C clients focussing on insurance companies, and have put in place necessary building blocks for the full-time team to take over.

In addition, we have driven the relocation of the client’s domicile to the UK and executed the acquisition of a Russian software development company, as well as have assisted in getting the company investor ready and set up all necessary corporate and financial governance systems.