We help companies in the health sector create sustainable value through smart and innovative growth strategies, business models and new products and services.

We combine advisory and consulting work with incubation of own solutions.



Our Clients are large corporations and small fast moving growth companies across the Healthcare, Wellness and Digital health sectors. Read more >>


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We deliver innovative growth strategies, business models and new products and services. Read more about how we can help you and why you should hire Engelworks here >>



We have over 20 years experience of working with large corporations, health care providers and fast moving start-ups and health space but also innovative work across adjacent sectors. Learn more about our experience here >>


“Engelworks can really roll up their sleeves, dig in, and deal with the meticulous details, creating practical solutions to specific problems.
They bring huge experience across sectors and a large network of people ranging from investors to skilled freelancers.”

CEO, Publicly Traded Advertising Network

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It’s common knowledge that health systems around the world are under incredible cost pressure, and everyone would love to find sustainable solutions to this problem. Is digital therapeutics the magic pill everyone has been looking for?

Our research shows that there is potentially massive value in digital therapeutics, and to some extent, this has already been proven. In this paper, we look at where the value sits, and how incumbents, upstarts and venture and private equity investors could unlock it. Read executive summary here >>


Growth and digital transformation advisory for the health industry