Unique Seminar for HR Executives

Digital Health is a universe of software tools used to prevent or treat a variety of disorders, either on their own or alongside traditional medicines. There is a lot of excitement around this space due to its ability to provide help in the areas that have been previously underserved, such as diabetes, mental health, hypertension and pain management. 

As employees are becoming increasingly health conscious and digitally skilled, they are taking an active role in managing their health and seeking out innovative products and services. 

Our unique seminar gives you an opportunity to learn how to integrate Digital Health solutions into your occupational health and employee benefits offerings to achieve a healthier and more engaged workforce.

More than 75% of UK healthcare budget and 86% of US healthcare spend is on chronic conditions, many of which are workplace stress-related.

Digital Health tools have been proven to raise productivity and cut the number of sick days

  • $83 (£67) per participant per month saved on healthcare costs by large self-insured employers from using a diabetes management digital tool

  • $3,000 (£2,419) in productivity gains per employee (ROI=11x) from implementing mindfulness programmes within a large insurer 

  • According to Thompsons, a leading benefits platform, employers offering wellness pots see an average 23% uplift in employee engagement rates, which is a #1 objective of their employee benefits programmes.

Who is this seminar for?

CEOs, COOs, CFOs and HR Directors

What will I learn from the seminar:

  • The emergence of the empowered health-conscious employee 

  • What is Digital Health and why as a corporate I cannot afford to ignore it

  • What are the areas of Digital Health that are most relevant to me 

  • Business case for using Digital Health within a corporate

  • Where do I begin: tips on implementation

  • Case studies in the areas of your choice (e.g. mental health, diabetes or prevention)

    Risk management: “do’s and don’ts” in this highly regulated space


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For more info please contact: Irina Pafomova, Managing Partner, +44 7795 071 678 irina@engelworks.co.uk.